UNSC Reforms, Nations Need

All parties have major differences on issue of UNSC reforms: China

UNSC reforms are talked by most of big economies for its drastic change is needed urgently but less is done even after nearly over seven decades of its existences for reasons of global order and coordination of nations on economy ,trade human development education and health.

China has advocated for package solution for reforms at United Nations Security Council.

Reacting to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s statement in New Delhi on Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in Beijing, that all parties have major differences on the issue of reforms in UNSC.

He said that China would like to work with other members to find a package solution however he did not elaborate as to what a package solution constitute.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, yesterday at Raisina Dialogue, backed permanent membership of India and Brazil at UNSC to give due representation to developing world at the most powerful world body.

In his reply to a question from Prasar Bharati Special Correspondent in Beijing, Mr. Shuang said the UNSC reforms should enhance the representation and say of developing countries in the decision-making process of the security council but added that there is a lack of broad consensus.

China, a permanent member of UNSC, has been stalling discussions on the issue of India’s permanent membership at UNSC citing lack of consensus despite the other four permanent members US, UK, France and Russia backing New Delhi’s membership.

China’s all weather ally, Pakistan, is also opposed to India becoming a permanent member. India, Germany, Brazil and Japan have formed the G4 bloc to push for their permanent membership as part of the reforms in the United Nations. China however has backed India for non-permanent membership of the UNSC for the year 2021-22.

On a question of trade imbalance between India and China, Mr. Shuang said that China values and has paid attention to the Indian concerns on the trade imbalance and has never stopped improving the trade balance.

He said that China has been making a series of measures on accelerating the reviewing process of the Indian imports into China and in the past 5 years China’s imports from India has increased by 15%. He said that both the countries need to view the trade imbalance issue with a development perspective and find new solutions. He said that China has the sincerity to gradually solve this issue.

He highlighted that Prime Minister Modi and President Xi have agreed to establish a high level economic and trade dialogue mechanism.

He hoped that both the countries can work together and use this mechanism well to enhance bilateral trade and investment cooperation to develop in a more balanced way.

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