FM DBT unveiled

FM DBT unveiled

#PradhanMantriGareebKalyanYojana #ReliefPackage to Old aged persons, widows & Divyang An additional one time ex-gratia amount of ₹1,000 in two installments over next 3 months through DBT; to benefit 3 crore such beneficiaries.

 Nirmala Sitharama on Thursday stated the government is planning to provide a relief package of Rs 1.7 lakh crore to the underprivileged, poor and migrant workers affected by the lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. The scheme has been named the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Scheme. 

With hardly any direct benefits to MSME the FM announced to the poor BPL families only. India has 7,00,000 tax paying SMEs? SME need immediate relief to sutain their businesses are completely jolted and disrupted.

Even from the 70 million SMEs in the country 99% have a turnover of less than Rs 250 crores (Rs 2.5 billion).

They do not have the cash to run the operation for more than a month or two and hence the government needs to act and promptly in wake of cylical cash flow of MSME to government treasuery.

DBT: FM we are touching,

Agriculture 8.6 Cr farmers PMKissan Yojna,
Next MNERGA wage increas to Rs 2000,5Cr Family
Old Age Widows disable once RS 1000 first 500, 3 Cr
Women Jandhan 20Cr to get RS 500.
Ujjwala beneficiary 8.3Cr family 3 months free cylinder.
Collateral loan Self NGO 10 Lakh will get 20 Lakh
7 Cr family
GOI to borne EPA fund contribution to employers and employees 12% each 24% for three months to units 100 employees 90% less than 15K Rupees

Organised sector Amend EPF workers can draw 75% non-refundable or 3 months can be withdrawn.

We direct state government to take effective use of welfare fund 31Ks Cr those facing disruption to construction and building workers registered 3.5 Crs workers

Districts Mineral fund to be used for testing health,medicine, screening useful in the pandemic faced in our nation.

She also said that workers such as nurses, paramedics and sanitation staff, who were in the frontline of the war against the disease, will be provided medical insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh per person. 

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