Corona Deaths

To ease the shortage of masks in France, the French Ministry of Health has ordered a total of 1 billion masks from China. There will be four flights to deliver the masks every week, French media reports.

Deaths in the UK have reached 1,019.

“We can beat this virus, we can reduce the number of deaths,” Powis says, but only if the people take social distancing measures seriously.

“Every one of us has a part to play, and we know it can work.” Powis says that if the government can keep deaths below 20,000 during this epidemic, they will have done well

The coronavirus is nearing 600,000 confirmed cases across the world with the death toll surpassing 27,000 people.

At the same time, over 133,000 infected individuals have recovered from the disease.

Over 5,000 Cases Confirmed in Portugal, Death Toll Reaches 100.

Finland Confirms 1,163 Cases, 9 Dead From COVID-19

Serbia Registers 131 New COVID-19 Cases, Death Toll Stands at 10.

Russia toll rise to six.

Poland confirms 1,481 coronavirus cases, 17 fatalities.

Netherlands Reports 1,159 New Cases, Taking Total to 9,762 Infected and 94 Dead.

Switzerland more than 13,000 Diagnosed With COVID-19 in Switzerland, 235 Pass Away Due to the Virus.

Romania Reports 1,292 Cases, 5 Dead From Coronavirus.

Merkel Thanks Germans for Adhering to Shutdown, Announces it Will Continue Until 20 April.

Number of Infected in Iraq Grows to 506

Vietnam Confirms 174 Coronavirus Cases, has no Fatalities

Belgium has over 9,000 Infected in Belgium, 353 Fatalities Confirmed.

Ukraine’s Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs to eight.

Spain’s Coronavirus Cases Surge to 72,248, Death Toll Reaches 5,690.

Iran, 139 more people died from the novel Coronavirus during the last 24 hours raising the official death toll to 2,517.

Number of Infected in Iran Rises to 35,408, Death Toll Reaches 2,517. Philippines Record 272 New Cases and 14 Fatalities

SriLanka Police Arrest Over 5,000 for Breaking Coronavirus Curfe.

At Least 159 Recently Diagnosed With COVID-19 in Malaysia, Bringing Total to 2,320.

Indonesia Confirms 109 New Cases, Bringing Total Infected to 1,155.

Total Number of Coronavirus Cases in Russia Reaches 1,264, Death Toll Rises to 4.

Irish Health Minister: We Hope to Be in a Position in Two Weeks to Tweak, Remove or Change New Restrictions”The measures that we put in place last night were so significant that they cannot be kept in place for too long. You cannot ask people to sustain this for a very long time”, Health Minister Simon Harris stressed.

Number of COVID-19 Cases in Germany Exceeds 48,500, Death Toll Rises to 325. According to statistics from the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany has risen to 48,582, while 325 people have died of the virus.

Russia Confirms One New Fatal Case of Infection.

3,460 People Diagnosed With COVID-19 in Israel.

Tokyo Confirms Daily Record of 50 New Coronavirus Cases.

At Least 85 Diagnosed With Coronavirus in Georgia.

India Confirms 149 New Cases, Total Number of Infected Passes 900.

Rouhani: Iran’s Health Infrastructure Ready for Possible Peak in Coronavirus Outbreak,

Italy reports 5794 new cases of #Coronavirus and 889 new deaths Total reaches 92,474 confirmed cases and 10,023 deaths .

Mexico Confirms 132 New Cases, 4 Deaths From COVID-19 in 24 Hours. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Mexico has risen by 132 to 717 within the past 24 hours, with four new fatalities, the Health Ministry’s director of epidemiology said.”The number of confirmed cases amounts to 717, 12 patients have died”, the official said late Friday in a press conference that was broadcast on the ministry’s Twitter page. Meanwhile, president Obrador stated that the health system may not be able to cope with the outbreak, urging people to stay home to prevent the spread of the disease.

Number of Infected in Kazakhstan Passes 200.COVID-19 Cases Confirmed in Armenia.

UK Local Authorities Told to Provide Housing for All Homeless in Coronavirus-Hit Country.UK Local Authorities Told to Provide Housing for All Homeless in Coronavirus-Hit Country. Citing “a public health emergency”, British officials in charge of tackling the raging epidemic stressed the vitality of isolation measures and shelters for those that have no recourse to public funds.

Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Canada Passes 4,600. The number of people who have been infected with coronavirus in Canada has surpassed 4,600, and 53 of them have died from the disease, the Health Ministry said in a statement.Previous reports indicated 4,043 COVID-19 cases and 39 fatalities across the country.”A total of 4,689 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Canada 53 deaths have been reported”, the statement read.

Australia Closes Beaches, Imposes New Social Distancing Rules to Curb the virus. At the moment there are 3,378 infected individuals in the country (with most of the cases registered in Victoria and New South Wales), while the death toll currently stands at 14.

Over 100 New Cases Reported in Thailand, Totalling 1,245 Infected

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