Covid Markaz

Most coronavirus deaths. Italy: 11,591 Spain: 7,716 China: 3,304 US: 3,172 France: 3,018 Iran: 2,757 UK: 1,408 Netherlands: 864 Germany: 645 Belgium: 513 Switzerland: 354 Turkey: 168 Sweden: 165 South Korea: 162 Portugal: 140 Brazil: 140 Indonesia: 122 Austria: 108 Canada: 89

Delhi Nizamudin sealed off. 24 people who were present at the Markaz building, #Nizamuddin have tested positive for #Coronavirus, so far. Not certain of the no. but it is estimated that 1500-1700 people had assembled at Markaz building: @SatyendarJain, Delhi Health Minister.Jamaad links to 10 deaths.

Home Ministry is considering to blacklist around 800 Islamic preachers from Indonesia, known as Tablighi, who came on tourist visas to attend a three-day religious conference in Delhi amid the coronavirus outbreak.

They would be blacklisted for violating visa norms as the group entered the country on a tourist visa but participated in a religious congregation.

The 3-day religious gathering hosted on 16 March at an Islamic shrine in the densely populated Nizamuddin area of south Delhi was attended by around 8,000 people from India and countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Kyrgyzstan.

High-level meeting underway at Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s residence over link between fresh #coronavirus cases and the religious gathering at Delhi mosque earlier this month. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal hold meeting via video conferencing over Markaz #Nizamuddin issue.

Delhi: Medical team and Police are present at the Markaz building, Nizamuddin where around 2500 people had attended a function earlier this month. Around 860 people have been shifted from the building to hospitals so far, around 300 are yet to be shifted. #Coronavirus

At least 2,000 people stayed at the Markaz Nizamuddin building earlier this month .

24 have tested positive to COVID-19.

Hundreds who showed symptoms were moved to hospital.

Medical teams and police are present at the premises.

Delhi CM attends high level meetings on the next steps.

At least 24 coronavirus cases and hundreds with symptoms after Delhi mosque event.

There are fears that thousands of people who attended a function at a mosque in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area may have been exposed to COVID-19. Delhi Health MinisMinisterter Satyendra Jain says that 24 individuals who stayed at the Markaz Nizamuddin building have tested positive, while hundreds more are showing symptoms of the virus.

Delhi Government to ask police to register FIR against Maulana of Markaz, Nizamuddin: Delhi Govt Around 300-400 people had attended a religious gathering at Markaz & 163 people from Nizamuddin, likely to be infected with #COVID19, have been admitted to Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi, Over 300 hospitalised over Nizamuddin event; total cases at 1251.

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