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April01, 2020 (C) Ravinder

Today India has entered 7th year of Dumb and Corrupt Government – Health Economy in 2014 is now SICK in all sectors.

Ø FM is Top Grade DULLARD when80% Industry is SICK due to Loot & Mismanagement she is Punishing Senior Citizens – Their money isNOT SAFE in Banks, Mutual Funds, their Investments in Flats & Properties is STUCK and give Negative Returns. Their Deposits earn 50% Less than before. Frequent MERGERS & TAKEOVERS of Banks are Harassment & Loss to Senior Citizen depositors.

Ø FM had CRIPLE BANKS were forced to LEND to Unviable Projects of Gadkari or Goyal and REFINANCE NPA Projects than RECOVERING Loans in full.

Ø This is like a Healthy COVID19 Patient Recovers fully but his LEG is Cut because Injection to His Leg was SPURIOUS. No one isUNTOUCHED by FM Injections.

Ø FM in 6 years had not RECOVERED LOW INTEREST LOANS given toLarge Companies particularly when they report little or no Value Addition.

Ø When the Commercial Rate of Interest charged by Money-Lenders is 40% [3% PM] to 400% [1% Per Day]

Ø FM had not ACQUIRED Unproductive Assets of Large Companies to FINANCE CRITICAL GROWTH & EXPORT Sectors. RIL owns about 10,000 Hectares of PRIME Land for SEZs – It could be Worth Rs.5,00,000 Cr – is just one EXAMPLE.

Ø Supported RJIO when in 2003-04 RIL had laid over 60,000 KM Fibernet work to provide BROADBAND Services which it provides through 4G Network built at a New Cost of Rs.4,00,000 Cr to Rs.5,00,000 Cr.

Ø RILs KG-Basin Asset since 1999 is Unproductive Why Can’t GOI Take it over?

Ø Mukesh Ambani was the Original Promoter & CEO of RCOM – why can’t FM recover RCOM debt from RIL?

Ø India has over 100% Excess Capacity. i.e. Maruti can produce all the Cars Sold here.


Ø Announcement of Janta Curfew caused Prices of Commodities JUMP 20% to 50%.

Fixed deposit rates for Senior Citizensused to over 10% – is now cut to 5.7%. Thus Depositors who have invested Rs.120,00,000 Cr in Banks Suffer Lossof Rs.5 Lakh crores every year –Rs.20,00,000 Cr in remaining 4 years. They had in past Six years LostRs.30,00,000 Cr due to Lower Interests, DEMONETISATION & Scams.

Retail Investors who had invested inMutual Funds and Shares – say aboutRs.60,00,000 Cr had lost overRs.15,00,000 Cr.

FM and RBI are Extreme Dullards Must Be Replaced Urgently.  


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By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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