US-EU Post Covid

Researchers view not our view.

US-EU Post Covid-19 Never Be ‘GREAT’ Again

April03, 2020 (C) Ravinder

[Breaking News – NY Times hinted atUS recommending Cotton Mask use by people in public place as New Cases and Dead Count was Uncontrollableand GOI considering relaxing of LOCKDOWN restrictions after Over a Million Police Force in India didn’t find COVID-19 cases that are dying. Hours ago WHO SR 73 reported 24103 New Cases, 996 Deaths in USA, India Zero New Cases and Zero Death in 24 hours.]

COVID-19 bungling by US-EU had EXPOSED their Rotten & Corrupt administrative structure, post COVID-19 US-EU will never be GREAT Again. People all over the World will not take them seriously. i.e. N95 Mask cost $1 was Sold for $10 in New York.

I had minutely observed top Leadership of US-EU and Bill Gates included, areSpineless and tragedy is that all their EXPERTS presented every day are EXTREME Dullards – First believing COVID-19 is UNCONTROLLABLE, and then Upwards revising DEATH figures from 10,000 to 20,000 to 40,000, to 100,000, to 200,000 and to over one million.

I remember 50-60 years ago, in case ofSeasonal Flu which is similar toCOVID-19, Qualified CGHS Doctorwould put his hand on my Forehead,then ask me to ‘OPEN My Mouth’ – ‘Look inside with a Torch to See Swelling or INFECTION Of Throat etc.’

In 2-3 minutes he would Rapidly write Prescription – 10 Tab of Antibiotic, 10 Tablets of Anti-Allergy, 10 Tablets of Saridon, a Bottle of Cough Syrup all worth about $2 only. Each CGHS Doctor would serve 100-150  Patients in a shift.

The Doctor Rooms were Simple withLarge Door and Windows with Good Air-Circulation 

Quick medication and Flu Patients will be fully Cured in 3-5 days.

It is Scandalous in USA & EU – Instead of Delivering BAG Of MEDICINES, when Patient reports FEVER he is asked to go to a Hospital for Test or Healthcare Workers visit the caller in High Cost Full Protective Gear like ASTRONAUTSon an Alien Planet.

COVID-19 Positive Cases were Put in Airtight CHAMBERS and COVID-19 Kept Circulation in side ICUs.

Delay of 1-2 days Loss of GOLDEN HOUR in getting the TEST RESULTS and Delayed MEDICATION led to UNCONTROLLED SPREAD OF COVID-19.  

It is MOST STUPID to wait for Tests and More Tests when the Pandemic COVID-19 was Obvious. US-EU has Multiple DELIVERY PLATFORMS – likePost Office, AMAZON, UBER, DRONES, CARS – Medicines COULD Be DELIVERED in Minutes.

It is the Medicines that CURE PATIENTS – I didn’t get Small Pox or TB because of Vaccination ahead of Infection. I remember even in 1986 for OBVIOUS Cases US Hospitals would perform Tests before PRESCRIBING MEDICINE when they had Past Medical history of Patients. Medicines Must Not Be Delayed.

LOCKDOWN In India was a BLUNDER explained yesterday – 100% Mask Use required.


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