Corona Exposed

Corona Exposed

It is Intellectual Bankruptcy when only1 in 10,000 Americans need Hospitalization @ 20% of Confirmed cases – It had Run Out of Hospital Beds, Ventilators, Personal Protection Equipment, Most CRITICAL Medicines are in Short Supply and GOV has no idea about the Stocks available in own country was revealed by New York Times.

Most Powerful Country in the World is not even prepared for MICRO Nuclear or Biological attack. Can’t even deal with 40,000 Additional Long Term Critical Patients.

On March01, 2020 there were only 62 Cases and no death – yesterday April02, 2020 WHO reported 187,302 cases (24,103 New Cases), 3846 deaths (996 New Deaths).

DatesCases24 hrsDeaths24hrsWHO SR
March01, 202062000#41
March26, 202063,57011,656884211#66
April02, 2020187,30224,1033,846996#73

In just 7 days – Cases TRIPLED, Cases in a Day more than Doubled, Deaths in a day increased Five Fold. US Healthcare RAN OUT OF MEDICINES – Collapsed in 7 days.

WHO SR 73 reported US to be Top COVID-19 INFECTED Country by number of Deaths in 24 hours – 996followed by SPAIN 864, UK 743, Italy 727, France 505, & Germany 140.

Ø All Six are INVENTORS of most DRUG Molecules with highest Deaths.

Ø They all know that SHELF Live of most Drugs is 2-5 Years,

Ø They Store Perishable FOODS for years didn’t stock 1-2 Yrs of Stock. Bulk order would have cost a Fraction of Pre COVID-19 Price.

When I wrote yesterday that US-EU will not be Great Again I didn’t have NYTstories or may have alerts but didn’t read them. My focus was on why USA or EU is not distributing ‘Medicines to COVID-19 Suspects’ and Why notinsisted on 100% Masks protection.

For over Three Months Politicians & Exports in US-EU couldn’t decide on 100% Mask Protection – Cotton Masks are INEXPENSIVE, Billions can be made in a day.

10m in USA lost JOBS in USA – India not less than 100m in just 2 Weeks.

US has 100 Times more Cases and Deaths for a Quarter of Population but India Beat USA in enforcing LockDown.

But unlike USA – Govt of India RUNS Almost Everything – Procurement & Distribution of Foods, Dams & Water Canals, Flood Protection, Trains & Buses, Banks, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Education, Roads, Post, Defence, Police, Foreign Affairs, Collecting Taxes.

Since March19 – Everything is Under LockDown – ESSENTIAL Services too are Affected.

Government Locked Out INDIA – When COVID-19 Cases are 0.2% of World.


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