CAIT:Free Chain Essentials


With an intention of restoring smooth & uninterrupted supply chain across Country under current national lockdown, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) in a communication sent to Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah has offered unflinching support of the trading community and assured that business community stands in solidarity with the Government at this hour of crisis. The CAIT has lauded the efforts of the Government in tackling the present crisis.

The CAIT is holding video conference of trade leaders of all States on daily basis and has said that despite of guidelines and advisories of the Ministry of Home Affairs from time to time traders and transporters are facing several roadblocks and difficulties on the ground which is a hinderance in smooth conduct of supply chain.

CAIT National President Mr.B.C.Bhartia & Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal said that traders across the Country dealing with essential commodities are not able to obtain necessary passes with the result of restricting movement of essential goods from wholesalers to retailers.They further said that wholesalers and Distributors across the Country have substantial stocks of essential commodities at least for next 15-20 days but the retailers of essential goods may go out of stock in next few days as the stocks of retailers have not been refilled.

Mr. Bhartia & Mr. Khandelwal suggested that to ease the process of passes, The authority of issuing passes to traders dealing in essential commodities and their labours should be given to Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) and likewise for transporters, to All India Transport Welfare Association(AITWA). In order to ensure misuse of passes, it is suggested that one or two officials of the State Governments may be associated with Trade & Transport leaders in each State and based on modalities finalised by the Government, the necessary passes may be issued  This step will certainly improve the situation for smooth supply of essential goods.

They further said that FCI and NAFED have starting selling goods at a much higher price than the market price. The FCI is selling Wheat at Rs.2450-00 per Quintal and the markets rate is Rs. 2050 per Quintal. Likewise NAFED has ample stock of Chana, Moong Daal and Sarson, which they are selling higher than the market rate. Both these Institutions should be advised to sell below the market price and send the same to Millers for ensuring speedy production.

Both Mr. Bhartia & Mr. Khandelwal also suggested that repair and Maintenance of Lifts, maintenance of RO system, water purifier and supply of purified water and sodium silicate required for manufacturing of soap may be categorised as essential commodities. Since traders and their employees are also putting their life at stake, they should also be given an Insurance cover of Rs.50 lakh Asit has been given to Medical, para medical, sanitation staff.They also urged that a comprehensive list of the items falling in Essential Commodity should be declared and each one should be asked to follow the same in letter and spirit.

They further said that needless to mention that Retail shops are the first point contact of 130 crore people for procuring their requirements and Transport is another vital element for movement of goods from one place to another and precisely from wholesalers to retailers for painting uninterrupted supply chain.

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