Afghan Peace On

Afghan peace deal in jeopardy as Taliban break off talks with Kabul.Violence in Afghanistan is still visible in form of human bombs and attack on nodal places and Afghanistan government making hectic efforts peace and development in war torn nation.Presently prisoner exchange is center to peace talks.

Afghanistan has no real allies, the entire world is against us in 2001, Taliban leaders reached out to the USA and Karzai administration for peace, but they were rejected numerous times. This 19 year war was avoidable. Abdullah Abdullah in a statement called the announcement of the 21-member negotiation team an important step to facilitate intra-Afghan talks and said a dignified and permanent peace is a top priority for Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen says release of their prisoners was being ‘delayed under one pretext or another’.

Talibans release of Taliban from Afghan prison is paramount with 10K in Afghanistan government jails. Talks are held up but to continue for peace and exit of US and NATO forces with US Election.

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KABUL: The Taliban broke off talks with the Afghan government on a prisoner exchange on Tuesday, a main step in peace talks being brokered by the United States after it agreed on a troop withdrawal pact with the militants.

Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the group’s political office in Qatar, said on Twitter a technical team would not participate in “fruitless meetings” and the release of their prisoners was being “delayed under one pretext or another”.

The late February pact between the United States and the Taliban, under which US-led international forces will withdraw in exchange for Taliban security guarantees, is the best chance yet of ending the 18-year war.

But peace hinges on talks between the US-backed Afghan government and the militants. A prisoner exchange is meant to build confidence on both sides for those talks.

Mr Ghani refused to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners under the terms of the US deal, saying the Afghan government had made no such agreement. Instead, he offered the conditional release of 1,500 prisoners.

Deal devolve on arguments over the swap which would also have seen 1,000 pro-government forces released by the Taliban delayed the start of the talks, due to begin on 10 March, until 1 April

A spokesman for the government said it would maintain its work on the prisoner release plan give peace talk not to rot.

“We ask the Taliban to not sabotage the process by making excuses now,” said Javid Faisal, a spokesman for the National Security Council in Kabul.

The Taliban suspension of the talks could lead to an escalation of violence, which in turn could threaten the plan to withdraw US troops, a major objective of President Donald Trump.

A three-member Taliban team arrived in Kabul last month from Qatar to begin the prisoner exchange process. Last week, Afghan officials said they would release 100 Taliban prisoners who were sick or over the age of 50.

US President Donald Trump announced 5,000 US troops would leave the country by May and he would meet leaders of the Taliban in the near future.

US and Nato troops will withdraw from the country within 14 months, as long as the Taliban uphold their side of the deal.

The US also agreed to lift sanctions against the Taliban and work with the UN to lift its separate sanctions against the group.

In return, the Taliban said they would not allow al-Qaeda or any other extremist group to operate in the areas they control.

But US officials also agreed to the prisoner swap as a first step in talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban – who are still technically at war. The Afghan

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