Covid Vaccine In

India, China can cooperate in epidemiological research, vaccine development, says Indian Ambassador to China

Indian Ambassador to China, Vikram Misri said that there is great scope for India and China to cooperate in scientific and medical research related to ongoing COVID-19 crisis, including development of a vaccine which can be of great value to the world at large. 

In an interview to China’s state television CGTN, Mr. Misri said that immediate priority in this cooperation is to procure medical kits, PPEs, ventilators and other medical equipment in a stable and orderly manner from China and to help and assist medical fraternity in India who are battling this pandemic on a war footing. 

Recalling India’s help to China of 16 tons medical assistance in early stages of the outbreak, Mr. Misri said that there is a lot of scope for cooperation in assisting each other. He added that both the countries should keep their freight and cargo lines open to facilitate smooth transportation of these medical aids.  

Mr. Misri said, the extraordinary meeting of G-20 leaders yielded good results in terms of stimulus plan to the tune of 5 trillion dollars to mitigate the socio-economic impact of this crisis. He said that it is important for countries to rise above their differences to tackle the challenge of COVID-19.

He said that both the countries remain committed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties in a befitting manner in pursuance to the vision of leaders of both the countries. He expressed satisfaction that both the sides have succeeded in designing a joint logo to mark these celebrations which is in its final stages adding that it will be jointly released at an appropriate time.

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