Corona Global

Number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide reaches 1.7 million.
185 countries in the world are now reporting more than 1.7 million confirmed cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus.
In India, there are more than 7,600 active cases.
Coronavirus in India updates: 7600 confirmed COVID-19 cases; 206 death
India cases rise to 7,600;

The global tally at 1,697,848

150 members of the Saudi royal family have coronavirus, as King Salman and Prince Mohammad bin Salman go into isolation

US records over 2,100 coronavirus deaths in a single day, the highest daily fatality count of any country during the pandemic.
US states by most coronavirus deaths.

New York: 7,844
New Jersey: 1,932
Michigan: 1,281
Louisiana: 755
Massachusetts: 599
Illinois: 596
California: 584
Washington: 483
Connecticut: 448
Pennsylvania: 446
Georgia: 425
Florida: 419
Indiana: 300
Colorado: 250
Texas: 248
Ohio: 231
GERMANY: Country’s army is set to donate 60 mobile ventilators to the United Kingdom

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