EU: Covid Exit

However, Germany to extend coronavirus restrictions till 3rd of May officials quote.

Denmark eases restrictions was first to impose lockdown with tally of 260 deaths in 6000 cases of pandemic virus. Nurseries and primary schools reopens. PM No need of unnecessary restrictions.Reports BBC

Europe businesses are to open doors in Austria, Italy and Spain after strict lockdown measures.

World Health Organization has warned that the region has “not yet seen the peak” in COVID-19 cases.

Across Europe is lull over the officials pointed to general coronavirus downward trends as they began rolling out the easing of strict lockdown measures after the Easter holidays.

EU calls for coordinated exit plan. Nearly 180 countries have confirmed cases of #COVID19

Coronavirus pandemic has severely effected Europe,Italy France German and latest figure of Coronavirus deaths speak themselves Most coronavirus deaths. US: 25,350 Italy: 21,067 Spain: 18,056 France: 15,729 UK: 12,107 Iran: 4,683 Belgium: 4,157 China: 3,341 Germany: 3,294 Netherlands: 2,945 Turkey: 1,403 Brazil: 1,378 its horror tales.

EU Commission wants member states to collaborate on easing coronavirus restrictions. But with disparate national responses to COVID-19, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Bernd Riegert reports from Brussels.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is unveiling on Wednesday her road map for lifting coronavirus restrictions across the bloc. In a 14-page document laying out her ideas, von der Leyen says that “although it is clear that the path back to normalcy will take a long time, it is also obvious that we cannot maintain these extraordinary restrictions indefinitely.” 

She says lockdowns across the continent had proven effective, yet also precipitated a tremendous economic shock and placed a heavy burden on public life. EU officials estimate that the eurozone economy could shrink by 10 percent this year — a drop in economic productivity not seen since the global economic crisis of the 1920s.

By Naresh Sagar

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