Naval Covid

President of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, John Wilson, has warned that an outbreak in a confined space such as a detention centre could be similar to what has been seen on board cruise ships.

20 Navy personnel have tested positive for #COVID19 at a naval base in Mumbai. The first case was reported on April 7 at the INS Angre base there. All other persons who came in contact with these affected personnel have also been tested: Navy officials.

1,081 sailors on France’s aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle have tested positive for coronavirus.

Cruise ships have become a floating testament to the viciousness of the new coronavirus and raised questions about corporate negligence and fleet safety

15 March- @ScottMorrisonMP banned cruises & said the arrival of ships were under the command of the @AusBorderForce.

19 March- the #RubyPrincess docked in Sydney, 2700 passengers disembarked & spread coronavirus across

Today- this is @PeterDutton_MP‘s response

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