Save Hindus stricken by Corona crisis from Pakistani discrimination: Milind Parande

Save Hindus stricken by Corona crisis from Pakistani discrimination: Milind Parande

               New Delhi, April 16, 2020 – Expressing his indignation at the discrimination being meted out to the minority Hindu community in Pakistan, the Secretary General of Vishva Hindu Parishad, Shri Milind Parande appeals the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) and the Government of India for the protection of their lives. He said the COVID-19 pandemic has now gripped the whole of humanity. Collective efforts on a war footing are being made by all countries to defeat the fatal infection. But even in such terrible circumstances, religious discrimination is happening to the minority Hindus in Pakistan. Hindus are not only being deprived of the basic needs of life like food and health, but instead they are being put under unfair and inhuman pressure to convert to Islam in exchange of food. This fact is now in broad public domain through many media reports.

               He said that today only 1½ – 2% Hindus are left in Pakistan. Even then they are being denied basic human rights even in times of pandemics like Corona. On the one hand, the Prime Minister of India is worrying about the entire humanity, while on the other the Prime Minister of Pakistan is not able even to ensure the basic needs of food and health to his minority citizens there. There are reports that by taking undue advantage of horrific conditions, pressure is being built on Hindus to convert to Islam in exchange for food. If this is not a serious violation of their human rights, then what else is?

               Shri Parande demanded that the UNHRC must take cognizance of this religious discrimination against and persecution of minorities in Pakistan and intervene to ensure food & health facilities for them immediately. At the same time, he also requested the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to put diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to protect the lives of the remaining Hindus from the atrocities of the Islamic Jihadists.


Vinod Bansal

National Spokesperson

Vishva Hindu Parishad

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