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18 Apr at 9:15 pm

                                                                            По русски ниже.Dear N.K.,                        How are you these days?

What do you feel and how you deal with quarantine?

All of us now united with one idea to be at our home, inside and we can not run away from ourselves and our families))!  

And it’s the time to be together, to take care of our parents and people we love.

I just want to share with you how I deal with the situation.

I came back from India to NY just one day before the USA closed borders.  Interesting that it was so perfect timing even I bought my tickets several months ago.

So I and kids are at home all the time. We are going to a grocery shop near home and sometimes outside for fresh air.

I was frustrated the first week, didn’t know what to think and what to do, there were many of my personal issues as well, almost one week I lost for it ((, but next 3 weeks of quarantine I came back to myself and started learning new things and paint a lot of course.

I understand that art will be even more important than before. In the time when we will be able to start a new life art will be again in priorities.  And life will be never as before.

What’s new))…New interview with art curator from Chicago Sergio Gomez —

I started video art classes for the school here in NJ USA.  

I am learning new ways of art business which will be more online from now on and forever.

Learning languages. 

Learning how to use social media better. 

How to sell art online and many other things. 

Very important to take care of yourself, immune system, nobody will help you if you don’t help yourself.

Contrast shower, self-massage, yoga, meditation, juice every morning with carrot and beetroot ( I can give you some different recipes), and the most important its mind, clean the mind.

 What we are thinking about.

Calm your mind and connect to yourself.  This is the only way.

Life always cares about you when you are open to it and trust.

In this new life for everyone, I want to share with you my new video presentation and I am open to collaboration online.

I will be happy to do my course – Personal Development with Art, art classes, my project Portrait Of Dream.  I will be happy to do webinars and broadcasts with you and help people to connect with themselves, heal themselves.

 Also, I can teach English to my Russian friends and can do art classes in English for Russian kids to learn not only art but English as well and for English speakers to learn the art. 

 So many ideas!

 So much to do!

I am looking for people who will go with me and create new things that can help to be happier and better financially.

Please share with me your thoughts and let’s do something great together!

Here are photos from my new painting that I am working on these days and a link for my new short video information/presentation

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and sending love to you and your family.

Stay safe, stay with people you love, stay connected.

Please Share this link with your friends and follow my art adventure in my social media. 

Links are below.       Love & joy,
Instagram  artabramova
Twitter  @Ekateri22440439

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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