London Mayor

As we enter another three week period of lockdown I wanted to start a frank conversation about the toll this is taking on the mental health of many Londoners.

This is a difficult time for our city – uncertain and stressful – and we can’t do many of the things we’d normally do to look after our mental health.

None of us are superhuman. Right now it’s especially important that anyone is able to get mental health support when they need it.

I want you all to know that it’s not just okay, but the right thing, to ask for help. That’s why I decided to talk openly to Glamour UK this week about my personal experiences, and the work we’re doing from City Hall to support Londoners through this challenging time.


Talk to someone you trust. Especially in these extraordinary times, we must open up and talk to each other about how we are coping. Don’t be scared to show your vulnerabilities during this difficult time; pick up the phone and reach out to a family member or friend.

Help is available. Just like with a physical illness, if a mental illness gets too much it’s important to seek outside help. Visit our website to find the right help for you. It connects to Thrive LDN and many other national and citywide services, depending on your particular needs.

Get help if you are grieving. Any loss of a loved one can be traumatic, but it can be especially challenging right now, if you’re cut off from your support system. If you are bereaved and finding it difficult to cope, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support services.

You are not alone. I hope that this video of Londoners sharing their own stories will help you feel empowered to share yours, or otherwise to reach out and get whatever help you need.

Coronavirus: help and guidance for Londoners

Thank you, and take care,

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan


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