Wuhan scientist, No Virus leak

Wuhan lab scientist: Virus leak impossible pleads not agility for virus go pandemic.

A scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology has strongly denied the possibility that the new coronavirus originated at the facility.

The statement came in an interview China’s state media had with Yuan Zhiming.

Yuan denied the US media claim that the virus may have originated at the institute, not a seafood market as initially suspected. The lab is known for its studies of coronaviruses from bats.

Yuan said it is absolutely impossible for the virus to have leaked from the institute. He said, “We have strict rules and ethical codes to guide scientific research and development.”

He stressed, “None of our students, retirees, or staff has been infected.”

Asked about the US media report, he said, “They have no evidence, this is entirely based on speculation.”

US President Donald Trump says his administration is investigating the matter.

The Chinese government has denied the claim, citing medical specialists as saying it has no scientific basis.

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