Modi Era-AEIOU

Prime Minister stresses on Adaptability, Efficiency, Inclusivity, Opportunity and Universalism for a new business and work culture.

In his post on LinkedIn, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said, the new business and work culture should be redefined on the vowels of A, E, I, O, U – where A stands for Adaptability, E for Efficiency,  I for Inclusivity, O for Opportunity and U for Universalism. Mr. Modi said these will become essential ingredients of any business model in the post-COVID world.

The Prime Minister said the need of the hour is to think of business and lifestyle models that are easily adaptable and the emphasis should be on completing a task in the specified time frame. He emphasized on the need to develop business models that attach primacy to care for the poor, the most vulnerable as well as the planet. 

Mr. Modi also said India can emerge as nerve centre of complex modern supply chains in the post Coronavirus world.

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