Covid-19, Bleeds Economy,Public Torture

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Covid-19, Mad & Blind – Economy Bleeding & Public Torture    

April22, 2020 (C) Ravinder

Honorable President of India & Honorable CJI may kindly note that on 21-04-20 75 COVID19 New Cases were detected in Delhi – a sharp decline from 183 on 10-04-2020.

Out of 47 COVID-19 Deaths in Delhi 39are COMORBIDITY – Only 8 Deaths Exclusively to COVID-19. Maliciously We are Told India may have 8,20,000 Cases, Delhi in Lakhs.

Above all COVID19 cases in ICU & Ventilators too had declined from 42 to 26 and 7 to 5 Cases respectively in 11 days. Assuming Average ICU-Ventilator Use of 4 Days – 6 & 1 Covid-19 case in Delhi requires ICU-Ventilator Support in 24 hours. But 500 ICU Beds and 400 Ventilators beds are Dedicated to COVID-19 in Delhi.

50 years ago ‘A CGHS Doctor would Treat 100 Flu Patients in a day’ – 75 FAKE CASES, Actually only 15 Display COVID-19 Symptoms.

When a man on advice of Urdu Poet said to his wife ‘When You are Silent you look like 16 years old’ and she said‘Earlier You Were MAD, You are now BLIND Also’.

It was scandalously Mad to Put Entire Economy & 1350m People under lockdown when there were very fewCOVID-19 deaths in India and Blind in Extending the lockdown.

We all knew, thanks to news Channels that first China, followed by South Korea in a Church and a Cruise Ship in Japan had reported COVID-19 cases – It then spread to Iran, Italy, France, Spain, Germany & EU and USA but not INDIA even now – 0.3% of all cases.

When on April21, 2020 WHO SR 92reported 162,956 COVID Deaths, India’s contribution is 590 only and 24 hour count is 47 out of World count of 5109.  Delhi itself started COVID Bulletin 44 days later indicates the very level of IMPACT.

As per 48th and latest April21, 2020 COVID-19 situation report for Delhi –

Ø There was ‘0’ death reported – Cumulative Total 47 – Average 1 death per day since reporting started – and 47 deaths since December31, 2019 when COVID-19 found.

Ø 75 New Cases were reported in 24 hours but More 180 recovered also.

Covid-19 Positive Cases Status on April21, 2020

Positive Cases752,156
Active Cases1498

Ø On 10th April there were 1477 Active Cases or Cases under Hospital Care.

Ø 26 cases were Discharged on April10, 2020, 180 on April21, 2020.

Ø In 24 hrs 183 New Cases were registered on April10, 2020, 75 on April21.

Ø 10-4-20, 862 Cases Admitted in Designated Hospitals – 625 on 21-4-20.

590 Deaths in India – over 500 due COMORBIDITY – 90 Exclusive COVID-19 Deaths


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