Arnab police Interrogation

Arnab Goswami steps out of NM Joshi Marg police station after over 4 hours of questioning; Mumbai Police interrogation on Sonia comment to continue.

Arnab said while outside police station that he trust Indian Judiciary, has come on foot for police to interrogate me on my statement but will police take cognizant of attack on me and me wife Sr Editor of Republic TV by congress youth workers.

The interrogation is just to mellow down Arnab tone or more so the acoustic. When person, The Editors reads news need not fear as content has to pass all ethical test however the personal shouts in acoustically and the sarcasm need to shine in diction.

The way Arnab Goswami shouts and challenges the leaders in all his cresendo may appear amusing and excitement but is far away from media ethics and putting up facts on screening being biased or inclines to be one.

Balance reporting for TV channels is essential, the anchor is addressing the masses not his/her set of community or people.

Even anchors show high emotions encountering film stars the channel is not meeting his celebrities but is introducing to the fans.

The zero error in telecast is professional way the best of TV news producer make an effort to limit in such professional box.

Most of the anchors do have appealing voice but it is part of profession to have clear and an appealing voice.

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