German protest

Protests against lockdown erupt in Germany.

In the middle of Berlin another Saturday protest is underway against the lockdown measures introduced and slowly being lifted by the Germany government.

One of the protestors was just carried away by police officers.There have been anti-lockdown protests today in Berlin just more Death, PPE. and Boris Bashing.

Crowds gather at German-Polish border in #Zgorzelec to protest #coronavirus lockdown #Poland #Goerlitz.

Cross-border workers in Polish towns bordering Germany and the Czech Republic protest the coronavirus lockdown measures.

With the COVID-19 crisis sparking uncertainty, conspiracy theories are booming in Germany. Right-wing activists in particular are trying to stir up hatred against politicians and the democratic system, a new study warns.

The rumor starts with a true news story: Angela Merkel is gone.

On March 22, the German chancellor disappeared from public view. Her spokesman officially announced the move, saying: Angela Merkel must quarantine for 14 days as a precaution after her doctor became infected with COVID-19.

It was the top news story of the day in German media, but while established newspapers and television programs asked how the government would function with a chancellor working from home, right-wing conspiracy theorists began to whisper and speculate.

Andreas Albrecht Harlass, spokesman for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary party in the eastern state of Saxony, speculated that Merkel is not only gone — she will also never come back. The quarantine, he says, is just a pretext. Some of his followers claimed to know more details: the German chancellor is probably hiding in a bunker at her country estate in Paraguay, a property they claim she bought years ago.

The chancellor has since gone out of quarantine and very obviously wasn’t in Paraguay. This fact hasn’t impressed conspiracy theorists, with speculation continuing on a large DW

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