Lebanon Riots

Riots in #Lebanon as the economy crumbles.

Daily protests are back. The currency has lost more than half its value on a parallel market, prices are out of control and social distancing is a thing of the past. #Lebanon

Riots in the streets of Lebanon in the midst of a currency crash and surge in food prices Army vehicles were set on fire and dozens of local banks targeted after anti-government protesters .A plunge in the local currency and exorbitant food prices is fuelling crisis in Lebanon.

Lebanon becomes first country to fall because of Covid led economic crisis and now leading to riots and civil war situation

#Lebanon – last night there was a riot in #Tripoli were local protestors attacked all banks and confronted the army but with not weapons.

Lebanese people have taken to the streets. Banks and government facilities in Tripoli and Beirut have fallen into the hands of the people Lebanon’s general uprising against Hezbollah is a proxy force for the Iran regime.

Tensions & riots in the Lebanese capital of #Beirut as people blocked main highways due to the worst economic situation in the country.

Lebanese Army says 54 soldiers were injured during attempts to open roads and quell riots across #

Lebanon on Monday: -40 in Tripoli -7 in Akkar -4 in Bekka -3 near Khalde 9 people were arrested for throwing fireworks & stones at MP Faissal Karami’s house in Tripoli.

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