Finland to Ease lockdown Covid

Changes to restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 epidemic as of 1 June The restrictions put in place to mitigate the COVID-19 epidemic are being phased out gradually and in a controlled manner starting on 1 June. The aim is to curb the epidemic while minimising the adverse impact on people, businesses, society and the exerciseContinue reading “Finland to Ease lockdown Covid”

Afghan free 2K Prisoners

AFGHANISTAN Tamim Hamid Afghan Govt Releases Prisoners AFGHANISTAN By Tamim Hamid  Afghan Govt Releases Prisoners Based on Taliban’s List: ONSC The release of the Taliban prisoners was conducted based on a list given by the technical team of the Taliban to the Afghan government, said Jawed Faisal, a spokesman for the Office of National Security Council (ONSC).Continue reading “Afghan free 2K Prisoners”

Punjab, 30 June Lockdown

 Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has extended the lockdown till June 30 in the state, with more relaxations. About opening of the hospitality industry and malls, the Chief Minister said, though experts have advised against it, the state would take into account the central government guidelines for Lockdown 5.0. He made it clear thatContinue reading “Punjab, 30 June Lockdown”

Afghan Bomb Attack Journo kill

Land Cruiser vehicle belonging to foreigners was hit by a roadside mine in the Lab-e-Jar area of PD15, #Kabul city, said security forces in the area. There were no casualties, said security forces today morning. Saturday, an IED hit a vehicle of Khurshid TV channel in PD4 of Kabul city, killing one journalist and a studioContinue reading “Afghan Bomb Attack Journo kill”

George Floyd death, riot to end

President Donald Trump on Saturday warned that his government would stop violent protests over police brutality “cold,” blaming the extreme left as thousands began to appear on the streets of major US cities and threatened another night of unrest. “We cannot and must not allow a small group of criminals and vandals to wreck ourContinue reading “George Floyd death, riot to end”

G7- India Russia S Korea Australia

US President Trump calls for expansion of G7; Seeks inclusion of India, Russia, Australia & South Korea PTIUS President Donald Trump has said that he will postpone a meeting of Group of 7 nations until fall and called for an expansion of the group’s membership. Mr Trump told reporters that that he has not yetContinue reading “G7- India Russia S Korea Australia”