World Press Freedom Index

World Index@theworldindex·2020

World Press Freedom Index:




4.Sweden SWE





Flag of Switzerland

SUI 9.

Flag of New Zealand

NZL 10.

Flag of Portugal

POR 11.

Flag of Germany

GER 16.

Flag of Canada

CAN 26.

Flag of Australia

AUS 29.

Flag of Spain

ESP 34.

Flag of France

FRA 35.

Flag of United Kingdom

GBR 41.

Flag of Italy

ITA 45.

Flag of United States

USA 101.

Flag of Malaysia

MAS 107.

Flag of Brazil

BRA 142.

Flag of India

IND 145.

Flag of Pakistan

PAK 149.

Flag of Russia

RUS 154.

Flag of Turkey

TUR 170.

Flag of Saudi Arabia

KSA 177.

Flag of China


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