None safe until al

None of us is safe until all of us are safe’: UN chief on COVID19 pandemic

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said that overcoming the Corona virus pandemic will require the most massive public health effort in history. Addressing the European Union Pledging Conference in Brussels, Guterres said that it is an interconnected world where none of us is safe until all of us are safe.

His remarks came as the world leaders yesterday pledged 7.4 billion Euros (approximately  8.2 billion US Dollars) to support the research and development for medicines to fight the COVID-19 which has so far killed over 2.5 lakh people and infected more than 3.6 million globally.

Leaders from 40 countries came together to support the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator through the COVID-19 Global Response International Pledging Event, hosted by the European Commission.

Mr Guterres pointed to the last month’s launch of the landmark effort initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and a range of leading countries to speed up the scientific breakthrough needed to get the Corona virus under control, known as the ACT Accelerator.

He welcomed the contribution and the launch of the ACT Accelerator – a landmark global collaboration to speed up the development, production and equitable access to new COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

The UN Chief said, these new tools can help the world fully control the pandemic and must be treated as global public goods available and affordable for all.

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