Esper Taliban not as per promises

Peace in Afghanistan with its epicentre in Kabul is long drawn battle first with Soviets and now US and Its allies NATO,New generation diplomats did galvanised peace efforts but Taliban tough demands in peace process and implementation of social change is too slow.Such is statement of Mark Esper US Defence Secretary.

Taliban not living up to commitments

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper takes questions during a news conference at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, US.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has said that the Taliban were not living up to their commitments under an agreement signed this year, amid signs the fragile deal is under strain by a political deadlock and increasing Taliban violence.

After lengthy talks behind closed doors, the Taliban and Washington signed an agreement in February for reduced violence and a move toward talks with the Afghan government, but attacks by the group have increased since then.

“I don’t think they are,” Esper told reporters when asked if the Taliban were living up to their commitment.

He added that he believed the Afghan government was also not living up to its commitment. The Afghan government was not part of an agreement between the United States and the Taliban.

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