Six flights to land

#VandeBharatMission Priority is being given to workers in distress, elderly people, urgent medical cases, pregnant women and others stranded in difficult situation. A pregnant woman who is coming to Kochi from #Kuwait thanks the Govt and Indian Embassy for repatriating:

Four flights carrying Indian nationals are due to arrive from Bangladesh’s Dhaka to Delhi on Saturday afternoon, Kuwait to Hyderabad at 6:30 pm, Oman’s Muscat to Cochin at 8:50 pm and the United Arab Emirates’ Sharjah to Lucknow at 8:50 pm.

Six flights to land today bringing back stranded Indians from abroad on 3rd day of #VandeBharatMission

6 flights will bring back stranded Indians from abroad today. Five of these are flying from Gulf countries

#Kuwait is repatriating 150 people to #Hyderabad and another 172 approximately to #Kochi today. #VandeBharatMission

A passenger who is coming to Hyderabad from Kuwait, thanks Indian Embassy and the Govt for all the help

#VandeBharatMission : Indian citizens departing for Mumbai from #London.

VandeBharatMission : Indian Ambassador to Oman, Munu Mahawar interacting with passengers of first repatriation flight from Muscat to #Kochi.

Indian Ambassador to Oman Munu Mahawar thanks Omani and Indian Authorities for the cooperation and support in operating repatriation flights from Muscat. #VandeBharatMission@Indemb_Muscat

Flight for Lucknow takes off from Sharjah

Crew of the Air India flight from Sharjah to Lucknow give a thumbs up as the Indians who are repatriating starts boarding . 180 Indians will be flying back to India #VandeBharatMission

#VandeBharatMission: 180 Indians to board the flight to Lucknow from Sharjah

129 Indians who returned to Delhi from Dhaka, Bangladesh today on an Air India flight under the #VandeBharatMission, leave from the Delhi airport.

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