Delhi Hit Tremor

Delhi in mid way of May, well infamous of its heat temperature mounting 38 to 40 degree Celsius in day .Today warn of duststorm and drizzle long term memory of tremor accompanys. This quake epicentre in Ghaziabad and no loss of life or damage to property is reported.

After 12 April Delhi tectonic jolt here is another seismic tremor today.

People of capital confuse. Is Delhi on way to human oblivion now skyscraper demolishing.

Nature vs Nature combat.

Earthquake say don’t stay in.? Lockdown say staysafe stayhome ?


Is this Low initensity quake is warning high Quake in day or two.We hope #NDMA ready gear up to face nature catastrophe. This tectonic move could be push of multi tectonic push to North frontiers.

Earthquake tremors felt in parts of #Delhi. According to National Center for Seismology, earthquake of magnitude 3.5 strikes #Delhi.

Dust storm envelops #Delhi in a sudden change of weather.

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