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India feudal structure need to change to professional and let work culture be at our vanguards of all actions of bureacrates. Further we businessmen get success whence we are analytical for costing product creativity and market strategy with unique and solving economic trivial matters in moments.We need such people in our race and cult from all sorts of Indian with malice to None to get to our age old glory be back.

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Amitabh Kant $25b for Labor,Amitabh $500b Bureaucracy.   

May12, 2020 (C) Ravinder Singhravindersinvent@gmail.com

Indian Industry Employ just 11.6m Workers about 1% of Population who are paid just $25b – when Indian Bureaucracy cost India $500b – who mostly slow coupled nepotism CORRUPTLY serve the country.

Around this time last night I watched CNA Documentary on how Singapore was Caring for its 7,50,000 Migrant Workers, 15% of Singapore Population  – Each one has Shared Accommodation in Dormitories with all facilities, get food of their Choice & Taste provided to them in well packaged Trays and Fresh. They are paid Salary as usual and also Recharge Coupons for Telecom services etc. None leaving Singapore waiting for lifting of Lockdown. Food to Muslims on Fasting are delivered as per their Customs in early morning and late evening.

For 2-3 months Indian Labor is not Paid their past Dues, Bonus, Current salary for Lock Down period are STARVING and are Penniless, are not treated as Humans & not allowed to go home, are made to Suffer EXTREME TORTURE, Beaten and Assualted – treated like SLAVES.

I know and follow Amitabh Kant – an extreme intel bureaucrat from the Day he was CEOof Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor which he projected to be $1Trillion Industrial by this time.

CEO of Niti Ayog, he was missing from news for two months and instead ofNiti Ayog, it was Home Ministry or NDMA which was deciding on Lockdown and all the decisions on regulations – 1.350b India was lockdown when even today death rate is about 1.7 per million population but entire ECONOMY was shut down.

In the past six years Indian Economy has Failed in Every Sectors – Most Sectors were LIMPING before LOCKDOWN are post Lockdowns are practically Dead. Agriculture & Small Businesses which together support 800m to 1b Indians are WORST AFFECTED.

‘Kaushal Ki Poonji’ is not getting Dal Roti, as per Survey of Industries, Indian Industry Employ just 11,662,947 or 11.6m [6] – this is not even 1% of 1350m population and paid only Rs.1,73,537 [11] or $25b less than 1% of GDP when Central & State Bureaucracy Cost India $500b in Salary & Establishment Expenses which is absolutely corrupt & incompetent.

Amitabh Kant is hard working Intel – When he writes ‘Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst in eliminating red tapism, inspector raj and all that was antiquated in our labour laws.’he may be referring new age of digitaliztion moving fast in this pandemic spread and change in systems.

 Fact is Indian Workers– Were Not Paid for their Work, Not Provided Accomodation Near Project or Factory Site, Nor Given Bonus, Nor made Provident Fund Contribution, Medical Insurance etc.

EXTREME vibrant BRAIN – Successful Companies/Countries employ workers for Lifetime – ‘which hindered large scale investments, productivity and enhancement, technology absorption and high employment growth in Indian manufacturing.’ Workers in Gujarat, states neither paid past dues nor 45 days wages on termination of job nor Bonus.

All the ideas are infertile– It is the dishones Bureaucracy which doesn’t ENFORCE Farmers Property Rights, requiring Court Procedures, Each village NEED ITS OWN MARKET to Maximize Price of Exports & Minimize Price of Imports – If the Govt. wants to eliminate middlemen.

GOI didn’t UPGRADE VOTER ID CARDS – though there are 20% to 40% errors  – TO LET PEOPLE GET BENEFIT OF ALL GOI SCHEMES. Most of Central Schemes like PDS Distribution are in States Jurisdiction. States are in much better position to Serve Poor in the country.


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