Canada vaccine on trial

National Research Council strikes deal with China to develop, test COVID-19 vaccine in Canada.

Another instance of covid vaccine trial underway .Quebec biopharmaceutical company Medicago said in a press release they received “promising early results” from its COVID-19 test’s animal trials on mice.

Researchers in several other provinces have also joined the race for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The first Canadian clinical trial for a potential COVID-19 vaccine has been officially approved, according to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday.

At his press conference in Ottawa, Trudeau said the Canadian Center for Vaccinology at Dalhousie University has been given the green light by Health Canada to begin clinical trials of the vaccine candidate.

Speaking from Rideau Cottage on Saturday, he said the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) will be working with the drug’s manufacturers in order to produce and distribute the vaccine “here at home” — if the trials are successful.

“Research and development take time and must be done right,” he said. “But this is encouraging news.”

The vaccine is called Ad5-nCoV and was approved for Phase 1 human trials in China on March 17.

Health Canada said the vaccine candidate, developed by a Chinese research team called CanSino Biologics, was approved for trial on Friday.

“This is the first clinical trial application in Canada for a vaccine specifically designed to prevent COVID-19,” the statement read. “This decision followed careful review of the application, which Health Canada determined met the necessary requirements for safety and quality.”

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