Kejriwal Covid 19

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Kejriwal COVID-19 Response – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

May18, 2020 (C) Ravinder

When Delhi and Indian economy isHardest Hit by COVID-19 in the World for Least per Capita Deaths & Impact, Delhi, India are not fully lifting the Lockdown in Non-Hotspots.


1.   Delhi has allowed SINGLE two wheeler ride – when normally both Two Wheeler Riders wear Helmets –these days wear Helmet & Mask – Delhi should have permitted DOUBLE Ride on two wheelers – Two wheeler is most popular & Cheap and fast transport – on average a household has 1.5 Two Wheelers and 0.75 Car.

2.   Three Wheeler Autos to Put Up Two Acrylic Curtains one behind Driver and one Between Seats – allow a Family or Two Persons. Similarly in Taxis a Family of Up to three members, who are living together in Lockdown for 55D+x24hrs, be allowed. Back seat could be Partitioned for Two – and keep Windows Open for Ventilation.

3.   Ugliest of all – Airlines, Railways are not operating – Put a Curtain in Cabins of Sleeper Class – a let a family of 4-8 members, including Children, who are living together in Lockdown for 55D+x24hrs in a Cabin for 4/6 adults. All members to Wear Mask, Keep Windows open at all times for additional safety –.

4.   Inter City Trains to serve SHORT Distance up to 500-700 km i.e. like Shatabdis to Shane-Punjab, Passengers expected to Eat Meals before Boarding Trains, allowed 1000ml Water Bottle each – Airlines to Serve Long Distance in 1-3 hours. All Passengers to wear full size mask, No Foods Served in Airlines except 500ml Water. Social Distancing for Non Family Persons who shall pay more – Family to pay normal fare for minimum Social Distancing.

5.   When Delhi Schools have CCTV in each Class Room and Common Spaces – Hospitals too ought to have CCTV – Kins of Patients allowed to Observe Treatment REMOTELY from home – to Avoid CROWDING in Hospitals.

6.   Allow patients to HIRE PRIVATE HEALTHCARE WORKERS for Delivering Foods, Garments, Talk to Kins on Mobile or Look After when Nurses & Doctors are Sleeping.


7.   Saloons Could have been allowed at all times during LOCKDOWN – One Person served at a time in Normal Size Saloon – SPEED Cutting of Hair by Machine – Quick Hair Coloring without Wet Cleaning – Everything in 2-3 minutes. Maintain Hygiene, Vacuum Cleaning and Sanitization after every customer.

8.   Restaurants to Limit Seats to 50% of Capacity, Convert Space in to CABINS. Allow One person or One Family in each cabin.

9.   Shops to Open in Two Shifts – ODDs in Morning Shift – Evens in Evening Shit.

10.        Ration PETROL & DIESEL and CNG to Private Vehicles to limit Congestion.


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