PIA plane crash inquiry

People of Pakistan wants trasparent inquiry on PIA crash,an irreparably loss suffered by relatives griefed after the loss of their loved ones. Further such events adhere to best of norms of business with strict rules of the airworthiness so such inadvertently mishap avoided at every step in and out of course of business of air navigation.

PIA flight PK-8303 crashed in Karachi’s Model Colony area on Friday just before landing at Jinnah International Airport, killing 97 passengers aboard. Two passengers, however, survived miraculously.

Prime Minister Imran Khan voiced to institute an inquiry yesterday. An investigation team under Air Commodore Usman Ghani has been constituted and which will “furnish its report” to the Aviation Division “within the shortest possible time”, according to a notification issued by the division.

“A preliminary statement will be issued within one month,” added the notification

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan briefing media on Saturday promised to conduct an impartial inquiry into the Karachi PIA plane crash and said that previous investigations will also be made public.

Minister holding press conference in Karachi along with PIA chief Arshad Malik to provide an update on the actions taken by the authorities for the rescue and rehabilitation of the affectees and investigations carried out so far.

Aviation Miniters Ghulam Sarwar said that an impartial inquiry will be conducted into the incident and whoever is found responsible will be punished. “As an elected public representative I promise you a transparent probe and that action will be taken.”

“The government will make this investigation public as well as all the previous investigations of aviation disasters,” the minister said.

Referring to recent air crashes in Chitral and Gilgit, Sarwar said the delay in probe of these incidents is akin to “justice delayed is justice denied”. “It is an institutional weakness if the investigation reports are not finalised and not made public.”

The inquiry board has started its work, he said, adding, “team of experts from Airbus, Germany and France will also join the probe.”

“We will try to complete it [probe] within three months,” said the aviation minister.

Khan said if the inquiry proves dereliction of duty by the PIA chief executive and himself, then they will resign and submit themselves for accountability.

He said that currently, the priority is to hand over bodies of the victims to the families.

The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus 320 jetliner have been recovered from the crash site, a spokesperson of the airline said today.

“The black box had been found late yesterday, we are handing it over to the inquiry board,” PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan said, clarifying that both the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder were found.

A PIA Airbus jet with 99 people aboard crashed into a crowded residential district of the city of Karachi on Friday afternoon after twice trying to land at the airport.

Input Geo News

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