China adopt NSL

China Parliament vote on the resolution to establish legal and enforcement mechanisms for safeguarding national security in HK is passed with 2878 affirmative votes, 1 dissenting vote and 6 abstention votes.

China parliament approves Hong Kong security bill as tensions with U.S. rise. Chinese authorities and the Beijing-backed government in Hong Kong say there is no threat to the city’s autonomy and the new law would be tightly focused.

Thursday, May 28, China’s parliament has adopted Hong Kong national security law

China adopts national security legislation on HongKong this bring Its autonomy to rest. China’s congress has adopted a resolution to create national security legislation for Hong Kong. The step has unleashed a new wave of protests in the territory and drawn a sharp rebuke from the United States.

China installing its own security agencies in the region for the first time.

The move has already sparked a new wave of anti-mainland protest.

Officials in Beijing say the move would allow them to take the lead in establishing laws to safeguard Hong Kong’s security. They say intelligence agencies from the mainland would be set up in the territory if needed. But many specifics remain unclear.

The proposal has brought thousands of protesters into the streets of Hong Kong again, after months of relative calm due to the coronavirus.

Concerns are spreading that the proposed legislation would undermine the territory’s autonomy, but Beijing disputes this.

On Thursday, one of the leaders of the pro-democracy movement called on residents to stand up and fight back. Joshua Wong said, “I think now is the time we will continue our international advocacy and seek…bipartisan support.”

The plan has also provoked international criticism, especially from the US. President Donald Trump has said he plans to take action in the coming days. US officials have also called for the UN Security Council to meet over the issue.

China’s congress has adopted a plan to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong, amid fear that it could erode the territory’s autonomy.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told reporters on Monday that the US should stop interfering in China’s internal affairs. He said China will take necessary measures and launch a stern counterattack should the US undermine the country’s interests.

At the National People’s Congress last week, the Chinese government proposed a plan to create a national security law for Hong Kong.

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