PM Modi Most Powerful MKB

PM Modi.2 has completed one year of second term but his first Man Ke Baat could have been not that inspring as most powerful leaders of the world.His people and economy lies in dire straits.

Question raised by Shri Kapil Sibal Sr Congress leader,I would like to ask PM Modi, ‘Can you tell us how much money did you give to labourers from your PM CARES Fund?’ I request him to answer this question. Many people died during this period, some died while walking, some died in train, some died of hunger: Kapil Sibal, Congress

PM assured Help will be given to all those affected by the locust attacks that have been taking place in the recent days, says PM Modi.One such point each one will appreciate.


The Prime Minister just spoke for 30 minutes and not a word on the standoff with China. At all. Tweet

Daily People are starving millions of migrants are walking back home with hardly anything to earn.

Our sermons are unending these 50CrPeople in lurch. Neither Govt help poor nor business,scam in treasury banks illegal fake trade spike Govt inert. Govt policy Ground 0 Zero.

On further analysis by our experts say:

PM Man Ki baat Sewa pervo dharam not Govt to spread religious message.

Lockdown taken environment best.

Yoga social message.

What hell govt to do to bring daily earner to give business. Most incompetent,Man ke baat.

RSS prachark talks not ment.

Most Powerful PM

India Emptytalks

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