Assam Gas well blaze: Filed FIR

An FIR has been registered against Oil India Limited and its outsourced private well operator John Energy for the Baghjan gas well blowout, which has allegedly polluted the environment in surrounding villages, police said on Thursday.

The police registered the FIR under relevant sections of IPC and the Disaster Management Act, a senior official said.

A complaint was filed by journalist-cum-environmentalist Apurba Ballav Goswami at the Baghjan Police Station on June 8 against senior officials of the two companies, including the Chairman and MD of OIL.

Gas leaks from gas well, cause of concern for destruction mounting but do India has expertise to douse it needs to engulf with blanket of carbon dioxide no explosion.

Gas leaks from gas well is common due to incrustation in poor quality stainless steel pipes and flanges the pipes joints give rise to pinholes.

May be poor welding, old pipes poor quality steel and poor flanges welding or poor quality socket threading give rise to pin holes are formed which further enhance gradual leaks cause blaze when come in contact with combustionable elements that could be sunrays falling in hot summers.

Thus its leakage fire need training to its best to contain to bring loss of life to zero levels.

The oil well at Baghjan Tinsukia had a blowout on May 27 and has been leaking gas for the past 14 days.

Baghjaan Oil Field, Tinsukia, Assam. Gas was continuously leaking for 14 days and suddenly it got exploded and caught fire.

Official say it’ll take 4 weeks to put off the fire.

A massive fire has engulfed a natural-gas producing well of Oil India Limited (OIL) in upper Assam’s Tinsukia district. Smoke from the fire, seen in sky from far distance and locals claim it has spread to nearby villages.

Indian Air Force and the Army are assisting in the firefighting operations, after the Sarbananda Sonowal government requested for help Air Force has sent three fire engines, and the Army has reached the area and is on stand-by. The area has been cordoned off by paramilitary forces. 

Fire since May 27 #Baghjan Oil Well in Northeast India is leaking May have polluted nearby wetlands, affected fishes & adjacent biodiversity close to Dibru-Saikhowa national park. Now, more danger is on sight as the Well is on fire.

FIR filed by Goswami Citing media reports, Goswami alleged that dolphins, fish and turtles have died due to the uncontrollable blowing of the gas from the well, which also affected the biodiversity of the adjacent Dibru-Saikhowa National Park.

It also pointed out that people lodged in the relief camps are not able to maintain social distancing norms amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goswami mentioned reports of five persons dying in the area due to the leakage of gas from the well.

The Tinsukia district administration had on Sunday ordered a magisterial inquiry into the reported death of five persons due to gas leakage from the Oil India Ltd (OIL) well in Baghjan.

The probe aimed at ascertaining the exact cause of the deaths, an official statement had said on June 7.

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