Vietnam champa

May 2020, an archaeological discovery from the site of My Son in Quang Nam province of Central Vietnam cultural relation with India. ASI discovered Monolithic sandstone Shiva Linga of 9 th century.

Eearlier Vietnam called Champa.

Map showing sea routes between Kalinga and trading partners

Map showing sea routes between Kalinga and trading partners

There was a wide network of trade contacts between Kalinga and South East Asia. Kalinga, especially, facilitated close maritime contact with the ancient land of Champa, whose coast lay on one of the major trade routes between India and China. According to the records of the Chinese monks Fa-Hien and I-Tsing, there was regular maritime contact between the coast of Bengal and South East region, between the 5th and 7th centuries CE. The Kingdom of Champa or the Cham Civilisation occupied major portions of what is Central Vietnam today, between the 9th and 17th Century CE, after which it was merged with the Vietnamese territories. The kingdom is said to have been founded in the Annam region of central Vietnam in 192 CE.

Not much is known of the early history of the Champa. According to legends and other sources, Champa of Vietnam is linked with the Champa in India, which corresponds to the modern-day town of Bhagalpur in Bihar. Champa in Bihar was the capital of the Anga republic, one of the 16 Mahajanapadas (7th-4th Century BCE) of the later Vedic period.

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