Brazil Covid deaths 41K

Brazil judge orders Bolsonaro to publish full data of Covid pandemic.

Brazil virus death toll now world’s second-highest.

Johns Hopkins University in the United States put Brazilian deaths from the virus as of 2:00 UTC on Saturday at 41,828, and confirmed cases at 828,810. Only the US has higher numbers of deaths and infections.

The coronavirus is hitting poor communities especially hard. Daily death tolls are around 1,000 with infections topping 30,000 on some days.

Provincial governments imposed stay-at-home measures in Sao Paulo and other large cities mid-March. But many cities have bowed to pressure to reopen their economies, and eased restrictions from the beginning of this month.

Large shopping malls reopened this week in Sao Paulo, the epicenter of the country’s outbreak, fueling further concerns about an accelerated spread.

World Health Organization says pandemic puts women at ‘heightened risk’ of dying in childbirth;

Brazil clearly has hotspots in heavily-populated cities, he said, but overall its health system is coping with the world’s second worst number of infections.

“The system as such from the data we see is not overwhelmed,” the WHO’s top emergencies expert Dr. Mike Ryan said, with few areas of Brazil using more than 80% of their hospitals’ intensive care bed capacity.

Brazil Ministry of Health reported on June 12 a cumulative total of 828,810 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 25,982 new infections in the last 24 hours

Brazil’s COVID-19 death toll overtook Britain’s on June 12 to become the second highest in the world with 41,828 dead, but the World Health Organization said the nation’s health system was standing up to the pressure..

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