EU Nations Ease

Tourists from the U.S., Asia, Latin American and the Mideast will just have to wait, for sometime more.

Retail reopens as England lockdown ease, high streets and to maintain social distancing 2 M huge percent discount expected goods unsold in lockdown.

EU members to open for non EU nation soon with lockdown ease gets momentum. France open business exhilirating economy as usual upbeat among natives

Finland opens its borders to neighbours but not Sweden. Scandinavian and Baltic states perform well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sweden has yet to go on any national lockdown in regards to #COVID19 and are instead being asked to practice basic social distancing. School, work and even most leisure acitivies are carrying on as normal.

Czech travel ban from Sweden and Portugal. Denmark allow travel from Iceland, German, Norway. Czech authorities opened their borders to travel from most European Union countries earlier this month and it has raised the limit for public gatherings to 500 people.

Cross-border EU travel starts from Monday but more freedom to neighbouring countries.

Mediterranean countries such as Greece are keen to avoid. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis acknowledged Saturday that “a lot will depend on whether people feel comfortable to travel and whether we can project Greece as a safe destination.”

After the virus began spreading throughout Europe in March, the EU gradually extended a ban on all non-essential travel into the 27 member countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland until June 15.

European Union member nations are lifting cross-border travel restrictions within the bloc starting on Monday. Such travel has been banned since March, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the continent.

The European Commission earlier recommended that members ease restrictions ahead of the summer holiday period to boost tourism, which has been devastated by the pandemic.

Macron announced that the whole of mainland France is now in the so-called “green zone” including the Ile de France region.

France will allow arrivals from almost all EU countries starting on Monday.

Germany will lift its ban on travelers from its neighboring countries starting on Tuesday.

Yet, some countries are being more cautious. Greece will still require PCR testing of travelers from Italy and Spain because these countries were the epicenter of coronavirus infections in Europe.

Italy reopened its borders to other EU members on June 3, ahead of others. However, travelers have not returned, partly due to the limited number of flights.

The EU also recommends gradually reopening borders to non-member nations starting July 1. But there’s concern that doing so may lead to an increase in the number of coronavirus cases.

Iceland to Greece, many travel restrictions for European Union visitors will ease today, but it will not be a return to unfettered travel for the Schengen area’s 420 million inhabitants.

Instead, the right of travel will depend on where you live and where you are going.

For example, some countries like Greece and Britain will mandate quarantines, Spain will not allow foreign tourists until 21 June, with exceptions on some Spanish islands, and the Czech Republic has a traffic-light system, barring entry for tourists from ‘orange’ or ‘red’ countries such as Portugal and Sweden.

Meanwhile,Denmark will hand out cash to its citizens in a bid to stimulate the economy, the finance ministry has said, while announcing plans to phase out generous aid packages introduced at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

The cash payout will be financed by Danes’ own holiday allowance, which had been frozen over a revamp of the holiday pay system, originally meant to be paid out as an additional pension when people retire.

Three out of five of the frozen weeks will be paid out before October, amounting to roughly 60 billion Danish krone (€8bn), Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen said.

With borders inside Europe’s ID check-free travel area likely to be fully functional again by the end of June, the European Commission is recommending that outside borders be opened to give a much-needed boost to virus-ravaged economies and in particular the tourism sector.

“While we will all have to remain careful, the time has come to make concrete preparations for lifting restrictions with countries whose health situation is similar to the EU’s and for resuming visa operations,” said EU home affairs commissioner Ylva Johansson.

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