HM Reviews Covid

India the fourth nation worst affected with covid stricken .India has active 1.5 lakh cases and is 138 in world ranking in testing.20 K test in day too low.

CoronaVirus making its top Nothing stop Virus to massive formation before this soulte takes concentration to its burst to disintegrate thus devastate dip the humans with its Virus in its orbit 2,224 New COVID-19 Cases In 24 Hours In Delhi,Total Cases Cross 40,000

Coronavirus India lockdown Day 83 India registered more than 10,000 cases for the third day in a row and is the fourth worst-hit nation by the COVID-19 pandemic currently. As the infection shows no signs of abating worldwide, experts are looking at how we can revamp the existing means of education, work practices, healthcare and transportation to cope with this.

Virus pandemic simmers in nature global lockdown may help virus to galvanise nature may bring down colossal lives endanger to contain.

Delhi Govt publicity on Mohalla clinic, Maharashtra ordinary of rich are unable to get bed on even normal patients all hospitals are full covid deaths 9520,total infected 3 32 444.00 and 325 death last 24 hours 11502 infected in day.

Health system in India crippled while testing at lowest.

Home Minister Amit Shah to chair all-party meeting today to review management of coronavirus in Delhi

Home Minister Amit Shah has convened an all-party meeting today to review the management for coronavirus in the National Capital. The Home Ministry has invited leaders of the Delhi-based parties, Bharatiya Janata Party, Aam Aadmi Party, Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party for the meeting. Union Health Secretary, Delhi Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary (Health) of Delhi Government will also attend the meeting.

Mr Shah held a high-level meeting yesterday with Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. He announced a series of measures for the National Capital after the meeting. He also met the mayors and commissioners of Delhi’s three municipal corporations to discuss ways to strengthen the strategy for fighting the pandemic.

Covid has disarryed health NHS infrastructure with media reporting horrific stories of Delhities in quandary

Media has been full of tragic stories of people dying after being turned away by hospitals.

One pregnant woman died as she was being shuttled between hospitals. A 78-year-old man petitioned the Delhi High Court for a ventilator bed but died before the matter could be taken up.

India has now recorded more than 300,000 coronavirus cases with nearly 9,000 fatalities.

High price for rare beds in most of metropolital is system greased.

Several families have used social media to recount their harrowing experiences after being refused hospital beds.

Jain’s family had joined a noisy, nationwide tribute to health workers, banging pots and pans from rooftops and balconies after a nationwide lockdown started in March. Now they feel abandoned.

“The government is doing nothing. They are just playing with our feelings,” Kashish said.

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