US back India China face off

China foreign minister in its media stance impose India action of aggresion. Factually China is in possession and has occupied 40 K KM land and presently 40 KM land in Indian territorty. Chine FM

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday talked to Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on the phone. The two sides agreed to fairly deal with the serious clashes between Chinese and Indian troops at the Galwan Valley, and adhere to the consensus reached by their military leaders to cool the situation down.

The latest clash at Galwan Valley is regrettable. How to avoid the repeated occurrence of such conflicts and prevent the situation from escalating has become the biggest test to China-India relations. 

Wang pointed out it was the Indian side that intentionally provoked and started violent attack. He also expressed his opposition to the actions of the Indian side. It is hoped that India does not indulge in its sentiment, but understands the stance of the Chinese side.

Global Times attributes border face off to US long term to keep China check with India move to its notes.

China-India border face-off started in May, the US has blamed it on “Chinese provocations.” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Eliot Engel, a senior Democratic congressional leader, in early June reprimanded China for its bullying behavior toward India, which was interpreted by Indian newspaper The Tribune as India gaining bipartisan support from the US in the border stand-off. 

The US wants to woo New Delhi and create an illusion that India has the back of the US and other Western countries. Some hawkish forces in India have become increasingly impulsive and irrational in provoking conflict with China, partly resulting from US instigation and encouragement. India’s importance in the US strategic chessboard is proportional to how the US views China as a threat.   

The Trump administration has insisted on the “America First” doctrine since it came to office, showing less interest in getting involved in international affairs. Trump emphasized the US is not the world’s policeman during his commencement address at West Point Saturday. But Washington is enthusiastically interfering in the India-China border spat, as it is where the US strategic interests lie, and inciting India against China best serves US interests.  

India, the largest democracy in the world, seemingly gets the support of Western democracies when there is a dispute between New Delhi and Beijing. But “the largest democracy” is just a label Western countries gave to India. Don’t forget, the US has also unscrupulously accused India of violating human rights. 

An annual report by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom in April named India a “country of particular concern” on religious freedom. Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, was denied a visa to the US in 2005 on religious freedom grounds when he was chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat. 

India is considered a very important strategic pillar for the US to contain China in the Indo-Pacific region and a powerful counterbalance to the rising China. The US will exploit every possible chance to encourage India to act on US interests, but chess pieces manipulated by the US may not achieve what they hope for.

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