Denmark PM wedding defer

Matt Frederiksen became Prime Minister last year athe age of 41 years old. She is the youngest Prime Minister of the country

European Council meeting on 17-18 July, to be held in Brussels in the presence of the 27 heads of the member states, decided last week in virtual meeting.

On Facebook page , Denmark PM Mette Frederiksen, thought she had finally found a date for her wedding, but has now had to postpone it for a third time due to an EU summit, she said on Thursday.

Matt and his fiance Bo Tenberg were scheduled to marry on July 18.

“I am really looking forward to marrying this fantastic man,” Frederiksen wrote in a Facebook post alongside a photo of herself and her fiance, Bo Tengberg.

“But obviously it can’t be that easy, and now there is a council meeting in Brussels called, exactly on that Saturday in July when we had planned to marry,” she wrote.

“But I have to do my work and take care of Denmark’s interests.

So defer and nation first.

On July 17 and 18, EU leaders will meet face-to-face for the first time since the epidemic began. The meeting will discuss the economic damage caused by the epidemic and measures to deal with it. The EU is considering a $ 846 billion proposal. In this, financial assistance is to be given to the countries which are most affected by the infection. Denmark, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands are opposing it. They say that before giving financial help, it should be decided that the country concerned will return this fund. Therefore, this meeting is important.Matt Fredericksson attends a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital

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