PIA Ground 150 pilots

 Supreme Court of Pakistan expresses astonishment over the CAA report which cites many pilots have fake licenses and degrees.

“Pakistan has 860 active pilots, which includes PIA, Serene Air, Air Blue.

Pakistan SC, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed expressed astonishment over the preliminary investigation report of the PIA plane crash, saying that pilots flying planes with fake degrees was like propelling a missile that could “crash anywhere, anytime”.

Heading a five-member larger bench that was hearing a suo motu case on combating the COVID-19 on Thursday, Justice Gulzar also took notice of reports about pilots with fake degrees and fake licenses issued by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) flying planes in airlines. 

The chief justice summoned the chief executive officer (CEO) of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as well as the relevant officials of the CAA on the next date of hearing to provide clarification on the matter.

“It is the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which issued fake degrees and licenses to pilots,” Justice Gulzar remarked. The court summoned Director General DG Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to appear before it in person on the next date of the hearing and to explain as to why the authority was issuing licenses to pilots.

The DG CAA will be asked to explain how such pilots were employed by airlines in Pakistan, who are playing havoc with the lives of people and which is a serious offence to the law.

The court directed the CAA to submit within two weeks a comprehensive report through the Attorney General’s office. The court also summoned chief executive officers (CEOs) of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Air Blue and others, asking them to submit detailed reports regarding pilots, their educational qualifications and licenses’ verification by the CAA and other airlines.

#Pakistan‘s state-run airline has grounded 150 pilots, accusing them of cheating on their exams.Pakistan International Airlines spokesman Abdullah Hafeez said the company would make sure “such unqualified pilots never fly aircraft again”

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Thursday said it had grounded 150 pilots with “dubious licenses”, a day after the preliminary report of the Karachi plane crash blamed the pilots and the air traffic control (ATC) for the incident.

A spokesperson for the national carrier said those pilots who get their licenses verified will be allowed back on duty. “Grounding so many pilots will affect the PIA flight operation,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added they have already dismissed six pilots with fake degrees.

“We have asked the Civil Aviation Authority to send the list of the remaining licenses,” the spokesperson said. “We acknowledge the report and are working on making our standard better.” 

In a letter to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), PIA chairman requested the aviation authority for details of the remaining pilots with dubious and fake commercial licenses.

“Action will be taken against all those pilots with fake licenses,” PIA chairman said, adding they will take all the necessary steps to make the commercial operation safe.

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