Huwai 5G get beating

5G is more than 10 times faster than 4G, but saves 20% more energy than the industry average

Vietnam is developing its own 5G hardware and networking and not relying on Huawei.

Telecoms operators in Singapore said they had selected Nokia and Ericsson to build infrastructure for new 5G networks leaving #HUAWEI for later consideration.

SecPompeoThe tide is turning toward trusted 5G vendors and away from Huawei. The world’s leading telecom companies—Telefonica, Orange, Jio, Telstra, and many more—are becoming “Clean Telcos.” They are rejecting doing business with tools of the CCP surveillance state, like Huawei.

Ericsson said it would be capable of replacing all of the Huawei equipment in the UK’s 5G network if British government decides to ban the Chinese vendor. Companies Europe head Arun Bansal,Ericsson was not lobbying for its Chinese rival to be banned – but would be capable of meeting demand if it was.

Swedish telecoms company Ericsson has said it would be capable of replacing all of the Huawei equipment in the UK’s 5G network if the British government decides to ban the Chinese vendor.

In an interview with Sky News the company’s president for Europe, Arun Bansal, said Ericsson was not lobbying for its Chinese rival to be banned – but would be capable of meeting the demand if it was.

It comes as the UK reassesses its previous decision to allow Huawei equipment a limited role within the country’s 5G networks following new sanctions imposed by the US government.

The National Cyber Security Centre, which considers Huawei a high-risk vendor, is re-evaluating whether it is capable of managing the risks Huawei poses as a result of the new sanctions.

“Ericsson is not described as a high-risk vendor,” Mr Bansal noted to Sky News, referencing NCSC’s official designation for companies such as Huawei.

Mr Bansal said he wanted Ericsson to succeed in the UK based on the back of its own technology and competitiveness.

“We are not betting our financial plan on the UK government making certain decisions which benefit Ericsson,” he added, noting the company is winning in many regions without such decisions being in place.

5G-Huawai story is not just about alleged spying. The EU Commission has investigated market-distorting subsidies by Huawei and ZTE in the past. Vestager says the Commission will look into “contractual clauses that lock telcos into anti-competitive” arrangements. #5G #Huawei

Huawei has more than 194k employees in over 170 countries. In Europe, Huawei currently employs over 13 300 employees and runs 2 regional offices and 23 R&D sites. Huawei has participated in over 230 technical cooperation projects and partnered with over 150 universities across EU

Pentagon ban 20 Chinese companies.

Aviation Industry Corporation of China; China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation; China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation; China Electronics Technology Group Corporation; China South Industries Group Corporation; China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation; China State Shipbuilding Corporation; China North Industries Group Corporation; Huawei Technologies Co.; Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.; Inspur Group; Aero Engine Corporation of China; China Railway Construction Corporation; CRRC Corp.; Panda Electronics Group; Dawning Information Industry Co.; China Mobile Communications Group; China General Nuclear Power Corp.; China National Nuclear Power Corp.; China Telecommunications Corp.

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