Global Covid-19 10Mn cases

Union health ministry said on Sunday as coronavirus cases in India mounted to 5,28,859 and the death toll rose to 16,095 on Sunday.

Health Ministry said, the COVID related health infrastructure has been strengthened with the availability of one thousand 55 dedicated COVID Hospitals with over one lakh 77 thousand isolation beds, over 23 thousand ICU beds and over 78 thousand oxygen supported beds. The Ministry said, two thousand 400 dedicated COVID Health Centres have also been operationalised.
More than nine thousand 500 COVID Care Centres with over eight lakh 34 thousand beds are now available to combat COVID-19 in the country. The Centre has also provided more than 187 lakh N95 masks and around 117 lakh Personal Protective Equipments to the States, Union Territories and  Central Institutions

Coronavirus, India. Cases: 511,000 Deaths: 15,731 Recoveries: 297,000

Worldwide coronavirus cases reach 10 million, as deaths reach 500,000

Over 10 million covid worldwide continues with one million new cases recorded in just six days. More than 10 million cases of the new coronavirus have been officially declared around the world, half of them in Europe and the United States, according to an AFP tally on Sunday. Total deaths are half million.

Coronavirus, worldwide.

Cases: 10,070,000

Deaths: 500,500

Recoveries: 5,450,000

Most coronavirus deaths US: 128,000 Brazil: 57.070 UK: 43,514 Italy: 34,716 France: 29,778 Spain: 28,341 Mexico: 25,779 India: 16,103 Iran: 10,364 Belgium: 9732 Peru: 9135 Germany: 9026 Russia: 8969 Canada: 8516 Netherlands: 6105 Chile: 5347 Sweden: 5280 Turkey: 5082 China: 4634.

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