China Pass NSL

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Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam has said that the national security law will not undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Carrie Lam added that Hong Kong was not afraid of the possible sanctions that the United States is prepared to impose over the city’s new security law.

“No sanctions can scare us, we are psychologically prepared,” Lam said at a briefing, adding that many of the city’s industries using these dual-use products are likely to find an alternative, and the restrictions will have with little impact on Hong Kong.Sputnik input.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam refused to answer reporters’ questions on the passing of the law at a weekly press conference ahead of her Executive Council meeting, saying it would be inappropriate for her to comment.

US Senate passed a bill that would put sanctions on Chinese officials, businesses and banks that erode the autonomy of Hong Kong

Trump administration put new restrictions on high-tech exports to the territory.

China parliament passes national security law for Hongkong.

Apex court not to be in Hongkong.

US UK EU UN voice fear autonomy to Hongkong.

State-run Xinhua News Agency reported initial details of the draft last Saturday, including plans to establish a Beijing-led national security bureau in Hong Kong, empowering the chief executive with the ability to select judges to handle national security crimes whilst giving Chinese authorities jurisdiction in such cases.

Philip Dykes Hongkong bar chair said law would undermine city freedom. International community on say analytical the UK intervention is important, still to be public. CNN

Noteworthy to note, the content of the legislation has yet to be disclosed in full, leaving local officials in the dark.

Hongkong Tweet describe ,Hong Kong streets quiet despite calls for protests over China‘s National Security Law, passed unanimously without any input from the HK gov’t. It seems this new law — and the threat of massive punishments — may already be having a chilling effect

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