Coronil Not Covid Cure

Ramdev : Coronil was a Immunity booster not a corona vaccine.

Patanjali has taken U turn from covid cure to immunity booster.

Patanjali Ayurved last week launched a drug called Coronil, claiming that it had cured within a week all COVID-19 patients who took part in a trial conducted at the privately-run National Institute of Medical Sciences in Jaipur.

The claim triggered a row with the Union AYUSH ministry telling the firm not to sell the self-touted “cure” until it has examined the issue.

Uttarakhand’s Ayurveda department said the firm had only applied for a licence to manufacture an immunity booster and not a cure for COVID-19. In its reply to the department’s notice, the Haridwar-based cos back tracked  from its claim of finding a ‘cure’ of COVID-19.

The company said it has not sold any product called Corona Kit, nor has it publicised it as a treatment against Coronavirus. But it added, “We have only promoted the successful trial of the medicine before the media.” The company said it had only packed medicines named Divya Swasari Vati, Divya Coronil tablet and Divya Anu Tel in a carton for shipping purposes. It also claimed that it has not violated any law and the question of action against it does not arise.

We never told the medicine (coronil) can cure or control corona, we said that we had made medicines and used them in clinical controlled trial which cured corona patients. There is no confusion in it: Acharya Balkrishna, CEO Patanjali

AYUSH Ministry on Tuesday approved the sales of Patanjali’s Coronil as an immunity booster and gave it the license to make three medicines and allowed clinical trial under the rules. However, the Ministry said that Baba Ramdev’s firm will not be able to sell its medicine with claims of curing Coronavirus. The Ministry also said that Coronil cannot mention COVID-19 on its packaging.

On Replying to a notice sent by the Uttarakhand government, Patanjali Ayurved on Monday claimed that it has not promoted any kit to treat Coronavirus but only shared with the media the successful trial of medicine.

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