Carrie hails New Security Law

Hong Kong’s Bar Association warns the broadly worded new security law undermines city’s independent judiciary, stifles freedoms. “The Hong Kong Bar Association is gravely concerned with both the contents of the (National Security Law) and the manner of its introduction”

Hongkong new security Law protest.

27 nation condemn HK New security law at UNRHC.

Protests is underway in Hongkong streets over New security law with ongoing clashes between police and protesters. Taiwan offers support to Hongkong’s people.

Protesters take to the streets of Hong Kong during an unauthorised demonstration against the new national security protection law police arrested thirty protesters and used water canon and pepper spray to disperse the thousand of protesters with placard Hongkong freedom.

The full details of the law remained unknown until after it was passed by the parliament’s Standing Committee and enacted by China’s President Xi Jinping on Tuesday. 

Hong Kong demonstrators stage unauthorised rally against new NSL Democratic Party lawmaker Andrew Wan appears have been pepper-sprayed and arrested in Causeway Bay as crowds gathered to mark July 1 heavy police presence SOGO shopping mall, officers stopping,searching passersby

Causeway Bay’s Times Square mall, crowd began marching as they raised a hand gesture that signals “five demands, not one less” chanted democracy slogans such as “fight for freedom, stand #HongKong.” Police am first arrest under #HongKong‘s new national security law.

According to article 38, regardless of who you are, where you are, as long as you stand with HKers in the fight for freedom, you are against the new national security law. *Life sentences are applicable only Bejing empowered for its application.

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