China deploy advance weapons

China deploys ‘advanced weapons’ in plateau regions amid border tensions spring up.

China has reportedly deployed “a variety of advance weapons fit for high-altitude combat” as tensions with India continue following the violent June 16 Ladakh face-off, Beijing’s media reported on Tuesday.

The move came “as India continued to move forces and hold drills amid border tensions between the two countries”, Global Times — a top Chinese newspaper that comments on international issues from a nationalist perspective — said in its report.

Global Times, staid, the deployment had come “before the latest consensus reached by both countries on de-escalating border tensions, as the two sides have now agreed on the disengagement of frontline soldiers”.

“The weapons, including the PHL-03 and PHL-11 self-propelled multiple rocket launcher systems, PCL-181 vehicle-mounted howitzers, HJ-10 anti-tank missiles, towed 35mm anti-aircraft guns, Type 15 light tanks and Z-10 attack helicopters were deployed to Northwest China’s high-altitude desert regions and Southwest China’s Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, according to several reports by China Central Television (CCTV) over the past week.

“These weapons are very useful at high altitudes as many are specially designed for plateau operations with the lack of oxygen in such regions taken into account”, the publication added.

Indian Airforce is effectively discharging dual roles, ever since the stand-off in the Eastern Ladakh region. Cargo aircrafts like Globe Master, Hercules are doing transportation while Sukhois, MiGs are  patrolling the LAC and ever ready for attack jobs, just in case. Apart from the fire power, the Air Force is using modern drones to keep an eye on enemy movement.

Indian Air Force has strengthened it’s chopper strength with the heaviest Chinooks and the swift and technologically modern Apachis in the high altitude battlefields apart from Cheethas and Chetaks. 

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