Bulgaria PM Survives vote

Bulgaria’s government led by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov not surprisingly survived its first no-confidence motionafter getting support from a majority of MPs.

The motion was filed by the main opposition party, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), and was doomed to fail as Borissov’s government has a comfortable majority to support it in parliament. 

131 MPs voted against the motion, which was filed on the topic of corruption, while 103 MPs supported it. The margin was narrower than expected as the motion was backed during the vote by the ethnic-Turk Movement for Rights and Freedom (DPS), which had previously indicated it would support the government.

As with earlier confidence votes during his previous two governments, Borissov did not turn up at the parliament for the debate or the vote, which angered the BSP. One of the party’s MPs, Valeri Zhablyanov, demanded the prime minister’s attendance for the vote at least, claiming that his absence proves that the low assessment of his work is correct.

However, the leader of the parliamentary group of Borissov’s Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), Tsvetan Tsvetanov, explained that Borissov was on his way to Davos, and was “executing his international obligations”.

In the motion, BSP said that the government has failed to fight high-level corruption. The party’s leader Kornelia Ninova said that Borissov had been informed about corruption in the collection of excise duties and VAT, but had failed to take any measures to stop it.

Bulgaria’s government survives no-confidence vote after opposition accuses it of failing to uproot corruption

Bulgaria’s center-right government survived a no-confidence vote brought on Tuesday by the opposition socialists, who accuse it of failing to uproot endemic corruption.

Some 124 lawmakers in the 240-seat parliament voted against the fifth no-confidence motion against the coalition government that took office in 2017, and 102 lawmakers were in favor.

Thousands of Bulgarians have been rallying for almost two weeks against Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s cabinet, Reuters reported.

The PM said on Thursday that his government must stay in place to fight the coronavirus, even though he may overhaul his cabinet soon.

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