Kashmir treads development

District Magistrate (DM) Srinagar on Tuesday ordered lifting of curfew, which was ordered late last night for 48 hours in the district.

The curfew was lifted after the situation remained incident-free today.

“Existing restrictions on public activities and movement put in place since 1 August in view of the Corona situation in the district – where a sharp spike in affected cases has been witnessed in the last one month or so – will remain in force though,” DM said.

In an order issued Tuesday, the DM has stated that after assessing the situation which remained incident-free, it has been decided to lift the curfew.

Kashmiri people are happy with govt of India development works. Bridge of nearly 2Km is inaugurated to bring relief to two districts.

No street protests reported in Kashmir this year

Jammu and Kashmir, Leh being border and buffer states need proper infra for Defence and overall development along with North Eastern states.

Anniversary of Government of India scrapped the article 370 and 35 A and created the two Union Territories – Ladakh and J&K. For security agencies, there is a reason to cheer as figures suggest that zero street protests were reported while only 14 incidents of law and order took place in the first half of the ensuing year.

According to Official data no major law and order situation was witnessed in Kashmir since January 1 this year barring a few incidents that were small in nature.

The law and order incidents were less violent in nature compared to previous years and no civilian killing took place in the protests. It becomes evident that  youth of Kashmir have understood the futility of the street protests and have decided to not to indulge in such things.

With only 14 incidents of law and order taking  place and that too in southern parts of Kashmir, the number is too less compared to the previous years. This signifies a big change and makes one believe that  this year post abrogation of article 370 has witnessed a sea change.

Today there are no protests and stone pelting incidents have vanished completely and youth are cracking IAS and other competitive exams.

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